"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." - Peter F. Drucker

For every consulting project, we examine together, and in almost every case refine, your objectives.


Every situation is unique, and it is impossible to simply duplicate a prior strategy or outcome. And, I observe a strict code of confidentiality and do not disclose client names or any other specific information without permission.

For these reasons, the following examples are necessarily general and are provided solely to illustrate the nature of my work and experience. They are not intended to suggest that similar results can be achieved in future engagements.

Improving Strategy

  • For an individual client and family office involved in financial and tax planning with a large professional services firm over many months, we temporarily set aside “planning” and viewed the matter from a strategic perspective. By clarifying the client’s strategy first, we were able to: (i) eliminate more than a dozen complex alternatives under consideration, (ii) reduce external professional fees by tens of thousands of dollars, and (iii) develop three alternatives that met the agreed non-tax objectives and would likely decrease the client’s estate tax exposure by more than $50 million.
  • For an individual client overwhelmed by planning options presented by his CPA and estate planning attorney, we focused first on further developing and clarifying the client’s desired strategy. This allowed the professional team to tailor their communications to address the client’s true motives and concerns, rather than technical details of little interest to the client. Our changes in approach and communication allowed the client to move from confusion and indecision to clarity, resulting in the implementation of important planning that had been delayed for years.

Improving Design

  • While working on a corporate planning project, we identified and developed an opportunity to exploit unrecognized “option value,” which allowed us to immediately reduce the client's estate tax exposure by more than $100 million.
  • For a real estate investor, designed a plan to accomplish the client's non-tax objective of maintaining a strong, consolidated balance sheet while allowing the transfer of substantial value to trusts for the benefit of family members.
  • For the owner of a closely held business, identified an unrecognized opportunity and designed a business succession plan that reduced the client's income tax liability by more than $10 million.

Improving Management

  • For a family office executive overwhelmed with a backlog of projects, we helped develop and implement new processes and access additional resources, which resulted in a substantial reduction of the executive’s backlog and allowed more proactive engagement with clients.
  • For a family office engaged with a large team of external tax and financial professionals, we developed approaches to improve a planning process that was cumbersome and inefficient. By developing greater accountability, we allowed the family office executives to focus on tactics with the greatest likelihood of success and save untold amounts of professional fees, wasted time, and effort.